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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Attention Brings Clarity



Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom.  I like a clean bathroom – cleaning the bathroom I like less.  I notice that when I now go into the bathroom, it welcomes me with fresh, clean look and feel.  My arms and knees remind me this is not magic. My experience relishes it just the same.

I find that cleaning or organizing can be a good metaphor for putting our attention on something.  When something is not to our liking we notice a resistance to thinking about it.  Without pushing back on that resistance, we can choose to simply be with the experience of that resistance.

In this way we give it our attention, but not our energy.  When the energy is not there, the worry and judgment can not take hold and escalate the experience into a cloud of confused discomfort.

We can respond to our desire for clarity and cleanliness by gently honoring the fact that only those energies that we tangle with in the fog of reaction can come alive with the feelings of doubt, lack and low self esteem.  Are those energies sneaky?  Only if we allow it.

Remember that you are not the resistance or the feeling of “should” or “ought to”.   You are a spiritual being having a human experience.   Your experience in life is a choice.  Each moment is a new choice.

We can use everyday circumstances to gift ourselves the centered peacefulness that is available when we notice then respond, rather than react and then find ourselves out of balance.

The attention you put into using this tool, will bring clarity.  And peace.  And balance and poise.

We can choose to allow ourselves the experience of balance and poise, even in the face of a dirty bathroom.


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