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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Life is but a dream

bilderbuchansichten-im-lsg-osdorfer-feldmark-009 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Life is but a dream.

Harry:  Is this all real or is it just happening inside my head?

Dumbledore:  Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry. Why should that mean that it’s not real?


The world is not the same thing to each participant. What the individuated parts notice varies from one part to the next. The people are the parts. The animals are the parts. The trees and plants are the parts.  And the devic realms – the rocks and quartz and salts. And the water.

For example, imagine how the world is experienced by a tree. A tree that lives 500 years or more. The days consist of sun, rain, growing, feeling the breeze, communicating with your fellow growing plants and of course Earth herself.

Imagine the breathing, the space, the calm. Imagine the overarching view and connection a being like a tree has with this world day to day.

What kind of world do you prefer to be in? What goes on there? What does it feel like? Satisfying? Comforting? Supportive? Loving? Nurturing?

Do you see the world as harsh, cruel, unfair, shaming, blaming, punishing, grotesque? I can see that when I’m in the mode we call “awake”.

When I sleep, my dreams are anything but. I have energy, youth, curiosity, excitement. I hear and connect anything I put my attention on. I telepathically communicate with anyone and any being I choose.

The colors, the sights, the feel of stone and wood, the feeling of water and air – all different. All are different than the “awake” world. They are all alive. All aware.

And I notice joie de vivre. God, it feels good. So good!

My attention is on that feeling and I experience myself in joy and connection.


Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.


Know that little nursery rhyme/song? There’s a lot of wisdom in it.

Our world is what it is on its own. Our part in building it is really the realm of building Self. The “other” is not our concern and is none of our business. Helping and caring and connecting in a positive, light-bringing way builds a world full of light one Self at a time. Full of love. Because that builds us, our own Self. Doing other things may not alter it at all. Doing still other things may actually make it appear as a world darkening and dying. What do you choose?

When we allow ourselves to fill up with light, the being that we are is made clear to us. We are beings of light. We are individuated realms of light who are conscious and aware. And we are loved.

As we connect and live in that experience, we notice joy, joie de vivre.


So is “the world” only happening inside our head?

Of course it’s happening inside our head. Why should that mean that it’s not real?




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The Feeling of Home

Feeling At Home © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography


Before I moved to Germany Steffi and I corresponded quite a bit via email, chat and Skype calls. On one occasion she shared a photo taken with her cell phone.

The picture is the street near the flat here showing a few cars, a bicyclist, a couple of beautiful cherry trees in full blossom. A nice picture, fersure.

I looked at it and it looked very familiar. It felt very familiar. It felt like home. Not like some place I used to live, but rather home in a strange and deep metaphysical sense.

I stared and stared at this picture trying to figure out the feeling it gave me. Something there resonated with me in a really nice, heartfelt way.

Looking at it today I thought it could be the color of the trees and the construction and color of the building in the background that reminds me of my grandparent’s property and home in St. Elmo, Illinois from my childhood. I’m not quite sure.

It doesn’t feel quite the same now as it did four years ago when Steffi first sent it to me. It feels more like a memory of a memory – something kind of far removed from my current experience.

I can say though, in all sincerity and with a big hug going out to my American friends and family, I really do feel quite at home here in Hamburg.

I’m not sure why this is so. Hamburg is a big, busy harbor town – whatever that is. It’s about business mostly.

I’m not big into the “culture” of cities. When I hear “New York City is blah blah blah” or “Paris is this or that” or “You find the best this or that in Seattle” I notice these are things that don’t reach me.

I notice things on a more intangible level. Something that one can take for granted. A feeling of groundedness. Something familiar and settled.

In German I could use the word gemütlichkeit – which means coziness, friendliness. For me that’s a valid adjective in this case.

I certainly understand that many other folks would find coupling gemütlichkeit and Hamburg to be just plain crazy. I can only say that this is my experience. I especially noticed this on our recent WWWP5k walk. (Steffi wrote about this recently on our Herzensreise blog.)

Whatever brings home to our heart – a place, a song, a mountain, a river, a smell, a favorite dish – being there in that moment is a very nice feeling.

When I allow my attention to stay with that feeling, it feels good. It feels good and right to notice you are home.

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