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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Generation Zero Point

Generation Zero Point © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #KimKerseyBlog

We’re in the midst of a world re-set: financial, political, governmental, religious – you name it.

All history is a lie. All religion, as presented, is corrupted.

How is it maintained, this lie, this twisted existence? Fear and its attendant fakery: time, lack, worry, shame, blame, guilt, conformity, perform or perish.

It’s in beliefs like “Your value is 0 unless an accepted authority says you have value (e.g. corporations, your church, synagogue, mosque, kingdom hall, the Academy awards folks, your family, the rude cashier at the gas station, etc. etc.)”.

It says: you are not worthy unless you are deemed worthy by others.

It says: comply and conform or be ostracized, threatened, imprisoned, bullied – whatever.

The principal mechanism at work here is war – war in all its forms: intimidation, bullying, ignorance, aggression, apathy, pettiness, xenophobia.

Can you even imagine a world where you never feel like “I will now do x-y-z because if I don’t I’ll find myself in a fearful situation; others will ostracize me, I’ll be intimidated and bullied, I’ll have my freedoms taken from me, I’ll be shamed, I’ll get depressed, I’ll become homeless, I’ll be friendless, hopeless, shunned”?

Can you imagine living in a world where you’re not sucked on – where it feels like you are here only to provide life to a vampiric other who sees you as only a resource to be used up?


Moving forward from Generation Zero Point, let’s begin to ask different questions:

Can you imagine a world where when faced with a situation where you need help, you know with all certainty that you can ask for it and it will be given? Happily. Willingly. No blame. No guilt. No shame. No judgement. No conditions.

Can you imagine a world where your purpose is what you decide it is?

Can you imagine a world where your value is not determined by the house you live in, the car you drive, the schools you went to, where you work, how much money you make per year, how much you own?

Can you imagine having a conversation with someone that has no undertones or overtones to do with wealth, status, superiority, expectation, judgement?

From now forward, from Generation Zero Point forward, this is the world we are building.

We are building and creating a world that will look at first like the other world that has existed for thousands of years, but with one fundamental, huge difference: we’ll be helping and cooperating with one another, not sucking and taking and dominating, like we’ve done for so long as we emulated and reflected our pre-Generation Zero Point “leadership”.

It does not matter what your religion is, where you are from, whether or not you believe in so called extra-terrestrial life, whether you’re considered rich or poor, what your mother tongue is. It matters what you put your attention on now.

Generation Zero Point is now. You can be 100 years old or a new born baby and be part of Generation Zero Point.

The principal distinction of Generation Zero Point is the astounding size of it. It is a process and an attitude that is worldwide, cross cultural and knows many languages and disciplines.

The results we will all begin to increasingly notice include clarity, truth, openness, transparency, sharing – principles of heartfelt living that exist in all life forms on the planet, actually.

In this moment, breathe. See yourself as the Self within the outer self. Consider responding to your world after reflection in the Self, rather than reacting on a visceral level via the outer self the way pre-Generation Zero Point programming has demanded. Consider joy and humility.

And consider being forgiving and being grateful. Forgive and forgive and forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgiveness is “for giving” after all – it’s in the name. And be grateful, thankful for what you have. Gratefulness is the light in your heart – let it shine.

And be gentle with yourself. Walking your own path in life is made only more cumbersome when you’re stopping all the time to kick yourself in the ass.

What you do, read, sing, eat or enjoy is not particularly important. Whatever the specifics, when the starting point is heart, humility, respect and centeredness, what happens next will be high minded and loving.

Generation Zero Point is the starting point of a world of clear and loving connection. We are alive, we care, we connect, we notice, we respond, we know everyone matters. We know all life matters.

We cannot wait to see Generation Wave One unfold.



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The Hand We Are Dealt

Clarinet pic © 2013 Stefanie Neumann

I have always been envious of musical talent in others.  In my early teens as I was trying to think my way into a career path, I found myself facing the fact that my own talents were merely moderate and my musical mind too blunt to allow for a successful career.  Encouragement from teachers or friends felt good.  I was not convinced.

I was torn between believing that only a great desire on my part could fuel a musical career – a desire I did not possess – or believing that only sufficient talent would open door after door and that process would always compel me to continue, all the while supporting my happiness and success.

I believed that those that I deemed successful had great talent and great opportunity.  These successful ones had great teachers, supportive family, friends, teachers and protégés.  I believed their life was happy because they enjoyed demonstrating their talents and abilities and found that they were always the standout, the best of the best – each opportunity to perform providing yet another triumph to feed their egos and their good fortunes.

Deciding that only hard work and practice could compensate for any shortfall in talent, I worked hard practicing the clarinets (all of them) and relished my experience as an ensemble player in various student groups (bands, clarinet choirs, wind ensembles, orchestras and pick up groups).

Still, all the while it felt like my star could not rise very far.  I struggled with the idea of what I considered the ideal – playing professionally in a top quality organization – and perhaps only being a very average student player who teaches children in public schools.  The latter did not feel important enough to me.  This depressed me.

Since that time, I have done more reading about the lives of some very talented, very famous musicians.  And I have done lots of homework metaphysically practicing with tools that help with the release of negative patterns and tools that support the allowance of self-love.  It has been a slow and sad wake up call.  It has felt like “Yeah, I know.  I knew that.”

A great talent coupled with a strong desire to share one’s gifts guarantees nothing.  The income, respect or fame that is experienced may be great or small or somewhere in between.

As this obvious fact slowly soaked in through my preconceived, egoistic belief system I have had to be stern with myself to learn one of the lessons in life that I believe I am here to learn: the life being lived that I perceive in others is what it is and it is not a demonstration of anything to do with

I believe now that ambition, something I possess in very a low quantity, is not a key ingredient to success.  Neither is desire, talent or luck.  It is really more of a personality trait.  It is neither good nor bad.

I have learned that what a life looks like from the outside is ultimately meaningless to the person living it.  Instead it is the feeling each person has in their heart as they live their life each day that is the true nature of our experience.

Being honest with ourselves, honoring ourselves and choosing a life path that resonates as fully as possible with our own personal truth is the foundation for finding joy.

I now know it is okay to believe that the experience of being in the world is very personal.  We cannot observe others’ behavior as a way to figure out how we should be.  We cannot covet what we believe to be an ideal life that another has.  Such observations of the overt are helpful as we navigate our way through the world (literally and figuratively) but they help not at all with allowing our heart’s desires to come through.

I breathe a deep breath of release.  The connection of heart and life is nothing to do with what we call talent.  It is nothing to do with money, friends, family or luck.  We are all equipped to function fully in living a life that awakens our personal truth, our personal connection to our life here on Earth.

What does that end up looking like one might ask?  Feel within yourself for that experience.  Love yourself.  Allow your heart to resonate and feel acceptance, clarity, happiness.  You had these feelings before you had a body and you can experience them with a body as well.  This is truly the hand you were dealt.  Your fullness and flawlessness has always been who you are.

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Attention Brings Clarity



Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom.  I like a clean bathroom – cleaning the bathroom I like less.  I notice that when I now go into the bathroom, it welcomes me with fresh, clean look and feel.  My arms and knees remind me this is not magic. My experience relishes it just the same.

I find that cleaning or organizing can be a good metaphor for putting our attention on something.  When something is not to our liking we notice a resistance to thinking about it.  Without pushing back on that resistance, we can choose to simply be with the experience of that resistance.

In this way we give it our attention, but not our energy.  When the energy is not there, the worry and judgment can not take hold and escalate the experience into a cloud of confused discomfort.

We can respond to our desire for clarity and cleanliness by gently honoring the fact that only those energies that we tangle with in the fog of reaction can come alive with the feelings of doubt, lack and low self esteem.  Are those energies sneaky?  Only if we allow it.

Remember that you are not the resistance or the feeling of “should” or “ought to”.   You are a spiritual being having a human experience.   Your experience in life is a choice.  Each moment is a new choice.

We can use everyday circumstances to gift ourselves the centered peacefulness that is available when we notice then respond, rather than react and then find ourselves out of balance.

The attention you put into using this tool, will bring clarity.  And peace.  And balance and poise.

We can choose to allow ourselves the experience of balance and poise, even in the face of a dirty bathroom.

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