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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Lee Harris February 2013 Energy Forecast

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Re: Financial Tyranny

demonocracy-gold-all_gold_in_the_world-reserves-cubeThe latest from David Wilcock

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Lee Harris September 2012 Energy Forecast

Lee Harris September 2012 Energy Forecast

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Lee Harris: August Energy Forecast 2012

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Kauilapele's Blog

“The Department of Justice — home of the US Marshals — has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history… after a highly covert three-year investigation.

“The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases — and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow.”

So here we go. Another David article. And wouldn’t you know, it seems like I’m the last one to post it! That is fantastic, because it shows the harmony in which all of us blogger types are operating. [As a quick side note, here are a few other places this was posted: Drake’s AMN site, American Kabuki, RMN, NesaraNews]

I’m not posting the entire article, just a couple paragraphs and a link to David’s site. BUT I have…

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Lee Harris July Energy Forecast

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“Always reach for the stars.”


When you’re trapped in quicksand, it’s best not to struggle.  The suction is too strong.  It is best not to panic.  That phrase “sinking feeling” comes to mind but it’s not funny to think about it.

When one’s life begins to feel restrictive, the analogous experience of being stuck in quicksand offers both parallels and hope.

First of all, in a real quicksand pit, just as an FYI, you can’t sink in over your head.  I researched this a bit and discovered that the human body is less dense than most quick sand so the deepest you can sink is about waist deep.  It’s not like TV or the movies where you go down fast and just your brown fedora is left floating on top of the goo.

Rescue is also not like the movies.  If you’re in good enough, you’ll suffer grave injuries if others attempt to just pull you out with brute force.  The suction (created by the viscous nature of the quicksand) will not allow it.  So, there’s no quick solution to quicksand when you’re really stuck.

In life, the same is true.  When we’re really stuck, we might be in a panic about getting in over our head.  What that actually means specifically varies with each person and the situation, but the panic is felt by all of us in these situations.

What to do?

The first thing to do is nothing.  Remember, you can’t get in “over your head”.

Next – breathe.  High blood pressure, a fast heart rate and the dizzying effects of too much adrenalin in your blood will not help.  Breathe slowly and with ease.  Know this can calm your body and clear your mind.  This is the best preparation for the work ahead.

Next – work slowly.  What you’re doing is displacing a thick, gooey mix of clay, sand and water.  Because it’s so thick, it needs a bit of time to rearrange itself into the spaces you create when you move your foot or leg.  So a slow and steady action will provide the best results.

Eventually, with ease and grace, you can begin to find yourself less deep in the goo and more onto solid ground.

Now of course, the depth of your sinking, the distance to more solid ground, and whether someone nearby can offer a bit of assistance are all important.  It could be you’re out in seconds.  It could be it takes longer.

The parallels to the quicksand dilemma and life problems, be they emotional, mental, financial … whatever, abound.  And the solutions do, too.

Let’s say your job is your quicksand, or a relationship.  Is worry, panic, frustration, guilt, shame, blame, or lack of any use?  (Are they ever of any use?)  So what shall we do?

First step – do nothing.  You’re already doing enough.  And now you’re noticing.  You’re noticing that where you are as a person (on the inside) is not matching and resonating with where you are on the outside (as an employee, partner).  Allow others to say you’re in “over your head” if they wish to.  Remember: okay, I may sink in waist deep, but I’m not going to be in over my head.  Instead of judgment, choose hope.

Next step – breathe.  Really – not kidding here.  Notice the difference between you and the life situation (i.e. quicksand).  They’re two different things.  Be with that noticing and breathe with it.  The situation is real.  It’s real goo.  You’re stuck in it.  It is what it is.  And you are who you are.  You’re not goo, and you’re not content to be goo-like.

Then – start taking your steps through the goo.  Be patient with yourself and you’ll find it becomes easier to be patient with others.  Place your intention on moving out of that situation.  Choose the path that seems like the best one, and begin the process of slowly moving onto less gooey ground.

When I was in school, I had a friend from India.  She shared a nice saying with me that her grandmother taught her:  “Always reach for the stars.  You may not catch one, but at least you won’t end up with a handful of mud.”

It’s always possible to experience density, goo, the feeling of being trapped.  It’s also always possible to choose our intentions, choose to be patient with ourselves, and choose to be mindful that all around us does not instantly change at our command.  Our response to this reality is the fundamental connection we have to our divine self.

I choose to experience the intention of reaching for the stars.

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Essence of Existence

As we become more and more accustomed to knowing ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, I am noticing how that process is without drama or even what we would typically call importance.

Our ability (our choice really) to know ourselves as multidimensional beings has a way of disconnecting our attraction to the games we play that we might call caring, insisting, demanding, standing up for …  that kind of thing.

We then notice that we are connected to much more than the usual third dimensional noise that seemed so important a few seconds before.  We notice peacefulness and a non-polarized place of balance.

From this place, we can experience how a choice is possible, how we can choose to experience the attraction of drama or not.  There is no sense of shame or a sense of having to meet some expectation guided by a pattern of behavior we adopted before we knew what a pattern was.  Or one we brought with us into the current incarnation.

As this way of knowing ourselves becomes more the norm, less the momentary thing, we create a world that is a peaceful, loving one.

There is no club to join.  No website to make a favorite of.  No newsletter to subscribe to.  It all happens one person at a time.

It can be no other way.  Our decision to be peace allows us to experience peace.  If we do not decide for peace, we can only experience ourselves in a world without peace.  And that will be the world we see.

Breathe in the peace of the plants, the fresh air, a pleasant thought, the unconditional love of a pet.  And see and experience a changed world – your world.  Breathe it in consciously.  We each have one world in which to live and we are able shape it as we wish.  We each create our world.

The essence of our existence is the world we create for ourselves one person at a time.

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Lee Harris’s June Energy Forecast!

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Rituals of pain and fear – no more!

Here in Hamburg, Germany outside my partner’s flat I watched a little ceremony complete with live music and dancing. It appeared that a young boy (about age 6) was the center of attention. My partner believes the group was Turkish and they were celebrating a circumcision.

A man was playing a zurna and another guy was playing a davul – so they had a reed instrument and a drum. In Turkey, that’s enough I take it. And indeed it was! They had plenty of sound and celebration.

The whole family had turned out in brightly colored clothes to watch the guest of honor turn and dance for everyone present. They marched to the building next door and back.

I thought it appropriate to honor the event of his joining his brothers, dad, uncles, etc. as a now slightly less physically complete human, albeit a step higher on the growing up ladder. I was glad to see the support the whole family was putting forth, the happiness of the young boy, the joy of the older women seeing the young lad’s happiness.

I researched a bit the concept of the coming of age ritual. It seems there are good effects – seeing oneself as more grown up, more responsible, one who will be treated a bit differently now by the older ones; that all seems good.

I don’t see why the pain and blood-letting is needed today, however. As is often the case with cultural norms, if we simply ask why enough times, we begin to feel pretty stumped on clear reasons. So with circumcision or other rite of passage blood-letting traditions, why is this continuing these days?

I watched some ceremonies on the web. One in particular showed circumcision being done on a large-scale at an outdoor setting. It seemed very clean, calm and professional, sanitary. The families had all gathered together for each of the young men.

The camera person and editor presented a balanced view, I thought. Among those being cut, I was glad the film showed stoic young men as well as terrified weeping ones, and also their faces before and after.

I suppose it’s safe to say that likely all men present at the ceremony were themselves circumcised. And I’ll bet none of them liked it when they were cut, even though their attitudes on the film seemed gleeful and supportive of the event.

It seems such a weak argument to allow inertia (we’ve always done it this way, everyone does it, you don’t want to be different and risk being made fun of) to rule the day, every day, worldwide, year after year.

I see nothing wrong with asking the young boy and allowing “no” to be an appropriate response. I mean after all, that’s pretty personal stuff!

A ritual about growing up that offers recognition, honor, support, love – yes.  One with blood, torture, cutting, pain, fear – no.

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