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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

A Call For A Loving Heart

A Call For A Loving Heart © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

As the world awakens from its controller imposed yet complacently agreed to slumber, I’m beginning to sense there will be not celebration but rather a stopped-in-your-tracks, stunned, frustrated, pissed-off realization that is experienced by many.

It works like this. Imagine you’re at work and it becomes known one day, via email or through a water-cooler discussion, that the experts hired last year to improve the company suggested salaries be doubled for customer contact people (like your job) and the number of supervisor positions be halved and the remaining half’s salaries severely cut. What? You didn’t hear about that? Of course you didn’t. Because the people who received that information and who were responsible for acting upon it had that report shredded immediately.

The context of the world situation versus that work example (by the way I didn’t make that up, something like that actually happened where I used to work) is rather more grand, sinister and as ugly as ugly can get. The true story of Earth and the inhabitants (those born here, those who just came here from other places) and the activities on and in the Earth (I do believe people live in the Earth, too) is of course quite complex, and basically one of greed, manipulation and utter disdain for one’s fellow man.

This shock, this anger and frustration will give rise to behavior that could be frightening to witness. I would just like to say to those who will act out and become rather demonstrative with their anger and frustration to please understand that as you release these negative emotions, do so without judgment on others and for sure on yourself. Do so without shame or blame or with thoughts of revenge and retribution. We don’t live in a Clint Eastwood movie. I mean, I like his movies. But those are movies. Clint Eastwood himself is prone to saying things in public that indicate he takes his movie persona a bit too seriously. When I hear him express his feelings about politics or modern life or whatever, I usually prefer to just politely roll my eyes and remember I’m not in a movie.

So let’s all allow that pissed off just-burned-myself, just-hit-my thumb-with-a-hammer adrenalin to move through us with ease and grace and remember we are all here to build a paradise planet.

It is true, that in the past we tacitly agreed, over the millennia, to make sure our own bread was buttered and to hell with the other guy. We went along to get along. We supported actively or passively a system of control, suction and greed. We lived with a vampiric energy as though it was a normal, healthy thing. It has not been. It is not now. And that has all come to an end.

I know – the news is all about chaos, lies, war, lying-cheating-stealing politicians and corporate big shots, pedophilia, etc. etc. The media are owned by a mere handful some of the very vampires that support the greed and suppression on the planet, so don’t expect to see much insight and good news from the usual sources. Their job is to help with twisting truth, distracting us, herding us like cows or horses (with fear), making sure what we “know” and how we talk about it is crafted and controlled.

Let us remember there is no one to fight – fights are fabricated, sustained and profited from by the vampires. Instead build, support, express yourself artistically and give as little attention to shame-blame-persecute-judge as possible. Let us build our world from the inside of ourselves out. You’ll know you’re on the right path because it will feel so much more satisfying than resonating with the media memes and the corporate directives and the fear-mongering from politicians and other talking heads.

A heart existing in a field of love and in connection with the All-That-Is is a happy, joyful, expressing light-filled heart. Let this heart be in you.


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