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The Music of Ireland

Gorse Field © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

You could have an Ireland without the very foundation rock that is the isle itself.
You could have one without the azure sky and the sea that splashes against it on all sides.
You could have one without the trees, the gorse and the sheep,
but you couldn’t have one without the music.

It is possible to have it without the English, without the catholic church,
the sea weed, the rye, the roads and the strife,
but you could not have one without the music.

So bring me the sound of the isles, the soul of the people.
And bring me the embrace and the smile of the people, their kindness and joy.
And bring me a pint, and a hearth with fire and the sound of musical instruments old and new,
And bring me the music of Ireland, the voice of Ireland.
And I’ll know Ireland again, like I did before I was born.


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