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NTP Time Zone Clock

Just added this to my computer so I can have quickly at hand the times of the cities I keep track of for personal use (Hamburg, Champaign, Orlando, Scottsdale, AZ, San Diego, London/Dublin).

Really quick and easy and straight-forward free clock – it just puts up a list of times and the cities.  You can type in whatever city you choose from the vaious time zones or go with the default.  It uses digital times and a 24 hr clock.

You can also choose font sizes/colors, background color, and of course size the display as needed.

Really simple and … free!

Here’s one place you can download it:

BTW, we’re back in Hamburg.  We drove from Amsterdam, Netherlands yesterday, unloaded the rented car and returned it to Europcar right near the flat.  We drove a VW Golf Mk6 – very quiet, not exactly a tiger on the road but really liked the drive we had.  Comfy, too.  We used up a little more than 1/2 a tank of gas and the refill cost was 44 Euro I think (Super Unleaded).



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  1. Very practical, indeed! Thanks a million for sharing, Kim. 🙂

    Comment by Stefanie Neumann | 2012 April, 27 | Reply

  2. BTW … the button to download the program is straight across to the right of the name of the program at the top of the page … the other download buttons on the page that are much larger are for other programs. Check the pop up box to assure you’re about to download the right thing. 🙂

    Comment by Kim Anthony Kersey | 2012 April, 27 | Reply

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