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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

ORGANIC FOOD … not just a cute idea.


This is a nice collection of articles on a website talking about ORGANIC food.  Pass ’em around!


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Well this certainly looks like good news …

Below is a Bitly link to an article from titled “Home owners across the nation sue all bank servicers and their offshore havens.  Spire Law [firm] officially annouces filing of landmark lawsuit 2012-04-23.

I don’t know specifically who they are referring to when they say “the Administration” … but obviously, corruption (like who didn’t know this) is not deep, not rampant … but rather the nature of the system itself.

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NTP Time Zone Clock

Just added this to my computer so I can have quickly at hand the times of the cities I keep track of for personal use (Hamburg, Champaign, Orlando, Scottsdale, AZ, San Diego, London/Dublin).

Really quick and easy and straight-forward free clock – it just puts up a list of times and the cities.  You can type in whatever city you choose from the vaious time zones or go with the default.  It uses digital times and a 24 hr clock.

You can also choose font sizes/colors, background color, and of course size the display as needed.

Really simple and … free!

Here’s one place you can download it:

BTW, we’re back in Hamburg.  We drove from Amsterdam, Netherlands yesterday, unloaded the rented car and returned it to Europcar right near the flat.  We drove a VW Golf Mk6 – very quiet, not exactly a tiger on the road but really liked the drive we had.  Comfy, too.  We used up a little more than 1/2 a tank of gas and the refill cost was 44 Euro I think (Super Unleaded).


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An oldy … but a goodie ..

The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci numbers


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It is joy.

Had breakfast downstairs here at the hotel in Amsterdam – watched the kids peddling along on their bikes (going to school, I guess) – chatting, beaming – so easy and sovereign – they really exude an energy of strength (but no push), confidence (but no “better than”), happiness (but no well, I’m happy now because of this, or that … just happy).

I’d say they, as compared to me, are not self-possessed.  They have a breeze-easy shine of freedom around them – not freedom like liberated slave or prisoner – freedom like appreciation … appreciation like aware but not comparing/contrasting/judging/experiencing with some reservation or trepidation.

It is joy.  The simplest most direct connection to the divine.  It’s that pleasant facial expression of the person who is …. in joy!

Its our natural state as a spiritual being manifesting in 3D and made apparent to our eyes by a slight, ever so slight up turning of the corners of the mouth.

Recognizing it is instant across all cultures – it doesn’t matter that we don’t much see it on tv or on the streets or at work.  We know it and feel it when we see it – and if we feel into it in that instant moment of recognition – we experience it, too.

It is joy.  It is light.  Without push/pull, without better than/worse than.  And really without happy/sad.  It is sovereign, centered, calm.

I am peace.  I am joy.  I am light divine.

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