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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Bring on the next wave!

Come oooooooooooooooooon …. Whatever.   Whatever is a’comin’ … come ooooooooon!

Whatever is coming on, I just want to say I wholeheartedly welcome it and cheer it on. 

I’m reeeeeally not wanting to have to wait anymore. 

In fact, I’ll say, that if my actually doing something myself is the final push needed – ugh! – ok, guess I’ll do that. 

Just don’t really know what.  I’m like wet wood saying “Well, I suppose I do want to burn, be transformed into carbon so I can experience myself in the earth as soil, then be taken up by other plants and return to the sunlight.”  Hmm – actually that’s a pretty good look-see-analogy there – since the transformation in the example seems to be equal in fullness to what seems to be around the corner for us.  The fullness of the wood would be experiencing breathing carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen, then being transmuted (oxidized) by that same oxygen and returned to one of life’s basic elements on earth, carbon, then being reintegrated in the a life form again.  Not that carbon lacks consciousness – it indeed does have consciousness.  You just have to expand your definition of consciousness to allow room for that thought.

When we expand our definitions, it allows us to consider that there is more to reality than the five senses can detect.  Doesn’t it feel good to imagine that we have more than five ways to connect with our world?  Doesn’t it feel good to know (science) that there is sound humans cannot hear, light we cannot see, smells we do not notice, tastes we cannot sense, and things that touch our skin that we don’t detect?  It all comes together in a way that defines how we connect with the Earth.  It’s good sensory input.  It’s so good we can easily feel like what we experience is what experience is.  That thought is limiting.  Thoughts can create limitation so well it boggles the mind.  Be aware though – we are more than our mind.  We can choose to accept the limitations as borders we never cross or we can consider we are more than our mind can grasp. 


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