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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Life is but a dream

bilderbuchansichten-im-lsg-osdorfer-feldmark-009 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Life is but a dream.

Harry:  Is this all real or is it just happening inside my head?

Dumbledore:  Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry. Why should that mean that it’s not real?


The world is not the same thing to each participant. What the individuated parts notice varies from one part to the next. The people are the parts. The animals are the parts. The trees and plants are the parts.  And the devic realms – the rocks and quartz and salts. And the water.

For example, imagine how the world is experienced by a tree. A tree that lives 500 years or more. The days consist of sun, rain, growing, feeling the breeze, communicating with your fellow growing plants and of course Earth herself.

Imagine the breathing, the space, the calm. Imagine the overarching view and connection a being like a tree has with this world day to day.

What kind of world do you prefer to be in? What goes on there? What does it feel like? Satisfying? Comforting? Supportive? Loving? Nurturing?

Do you see the world as harsh, cruel, unfair, shaming, blaming, punishing, grotesque? I can see that when I’m in the mode we call “awake”.

When I sleep, my dreams are anything but. I have energy, youth, curiosity, excitement. I hear and connect anything I put my attention on. I telepathically communicate with anyone and any being I choose.

The colors, the sights, the feel of stone and wood, the feeling of water and air – all different. All are different than the “awake” world. They are all alive. All aware.

And I notice joie de vivre. God, it feels good. So good!

My attention is on that feeling and I experience myself in joy and connection.


Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.


Know that little nursery rhyme/song? There’s a lot of wisdom in it.

Our world is what it is on its own. Our part in building it is really the realm of building Self. The “other” is not our concern and is none of our business. Helping and caring and connecting in a positive, light-bringing way builds a world full of light one Self at a time. Full of love. Because that builds us, our own Self. Doing other things may not alter it at all. Doing still other things may actually make it appear as a world darkening and dying. What do you choose?

When we allow ourselves to fill up with light, the being that we are is made clear to us. We are beings of light. We are individuated realms of light who are conscious and aware. And we are loved.

As we connect and live in that experience, we notice joy, joie de vivre.


So is “the world” only happening inside our head?

Of course it’s happening inside our head. Why should that mean that it’s not real?



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A Call For A Loving Heart

A Call For A Loving Heart © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

As the world awakens from its controller imposed yet complacently agreed to slumber, I’m beginning to sense there will be not celebration but rather a stopped-in-your-tracks, stunned, frustrated, pissed-off realization that is experienced by many.

It works like this. Imagine you’re at work and it becomes known one day, via email or through a water-cooler discussion, that the experts hired last year to improve the company suggested salaries be doubled for customer contact people (like your job) and the number of supervisor positions be halved and the remaining half’s salaries severely cut. What? You didn’t hear about that? Of course you didn’t. Because the people who received that information and who were responsible for acting upon it had that report shredded immediately.

The context of the world situation versus that work example (by the way I didn’t make that up, something like that actually happened where I used to work) is rather more grand, sinister and as ugly as ugly can get. The true story of Earth and the inhabitants (those born here, those who just came here from other places) and the activities on and in the Earth (I do believe people live in the Earth, too) is of course quite complex, and basically one of greed, manipulation and utter disdain for one’s fellow man.

This shock, this anger and frustration will give rise to behavior that could be frightening to witness. I would just like to say to those who will act out and become rather demonstrative with their anger and frustration to please understand that as you release these negative emotions, do so without judgment on others and for sure on yourself. Do so without shame or blame or with thoughts of revenge and retribution. We don’t live in a Clint Eastwood movie. I mean, I like his movies. But those are movies. Clint Eastwood himself is prone to saying things in public that indicate he takes his movie persona a bit too seriously. When I hear him express his feelings about politics or modern life or whatever, I usually prefer to just politely roll my eyes and remember I’m not in a movie.

So let’s all allow that pissed off just-burned-myself, just-hit-my thumb-with-a-hammer adrenalin to move through us with ease and grace and remember we are all here to build a paradise planet.

It is true, that in the past we tacitly agreed, over the millennia, to make sure our own bread was buttered and to hell with the other guy. We went along to get along. We supported actively or passively a system of control, suction and greed. We lived with a vampiric energy as though it was a normal, healthy thing. It has not been. It is not now. And that has all come to an end.

I know – the news is all about chaos, lies, war, lying-cheating-stealing politicians and corporate big shots, pedophilia, etc. etc. The media are owned by a mere handful some of the very vampires that support the greed and suppression on the planet, so don’t expect to see much insight and good news from the usual sources. Their job is to help with twisting truth, distracting us, herding us like cows or horses (with fear), making sure what we “know” and how we talk about it is crafted and controlled.

Let us remember there is no one to fight – fights are fabricated, sustained and profited from by the vampires. Instead build, support, express yourself artistically and give as little attention to shame-blame-persecute-judge as possible. Let us build our world from the inside of ourselves out. You’ll know you’re on the right path because it will feel so much more satisfying than resonating with the media memes and the corporate directives and the fear-mongering from politicians and other talking heads.

A heart existing in a field of love and in connection with the All-That-Is is a happy, joyful, expressing light-filled heart. Let this heart be in you.

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Our Spiritual Self as a Mirror – A Valentine’s Day Post

bilderbuchansichten-im-lsg-osdorfer-feldmark-009 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

On this Valentine’s Day 2017 let us be aware of our relationships – with others and with ourselves! I have created a post on Steffi’s and my Heart’s Journey blog that you can see >here<.


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It Is Done

Simple, eh?

The Creator Writings

Ah, the misery you love so much can be changed in an instant! Just like making any other decisions

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Generation Zero Point

Generation Zero Point © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #KimKerseyBlog

We’re in the midst of a world re-set: financial, political, governmental, religious – you name it.

All history is a lie. All religion, as presented, is corrupted.

How is it maintained, this lie, this twisted existence? Fear and its attendant fakery: time, lack, worry, shame, blame, guilt, conformity, perform or perish.

It’s in beliefs like “Your value is 0 unless an accepted authority says you have value (e.g. corporations, your church, synagogue, mosque, kingdom hall, the Academy awards folks, your family, the rude cashier at the gas station, etc. etc.)”.

It says: you are not worthy unless you are deemed worthy by others.

It says: comply and conform or be ostracized, threatened, imprisoned, bullied – whatever.

The principal mechanism at work here is war – war in all its forms: intimidation, bullying, ignorance, aggression, apathy, pettiness, xenophobia.

Can you even imagine a world where you never feel like “I will now do x-y-z because if I don’t I’ll find myself in a fearful situation; others will ostracize me, I’ll be intimidated and bullied, I’ll have my freedoms taken from me, I’ll be shamed, I’ll get depressed, I’ll become homeless, I’ll be friendless, hopeless, shunned”?

Can you imagine living in a world where you’re not sucked on – where it feels like you are here only to provide life to a vampiric other who sees you as only a resource to be used up?


Moving forward from Generation Zero Point, let’s begin to ask different questions:

Can you imagine a world where when faced with a situation where you need help, you know with all certainty that you can ask for it and it will be given? Happily. Willingly. No blame. No guilt. No shame. No judgement. No conditions.

Can you imagine a world where your purpose is what you decide it is?

Can you imagine a world where your value is not determined by the house you live in, the car you drive, the schools you went to, where you work, how much money you make per year, how much you own?

Can you imagine having a conversation with someone that has no undertones or overtones to do with wealth, status, superiority, expectation, judgement?

From now forward, from Generation Zero Point forward, this is the world we are building.

We are building and creating a world that will look at first like the other world that has existed for thousands of years, but with one fundamental, huge difference: we’ll be helping and cooperating with one another, not sucking and taking and dominating, like we’ve done for so long as we emulated and reflected our pre-Generation Zero Point “leadership”.

It does not matter what your religion is, where you are from, whether or not you believe in so called extra-terrestrial life, whether you’re considered rich or poor, what your mother tongue is. It matters what you put your attention on now.

Generation Zero Point is now. You can be 100 years old or a new born baby and be part of Generation Zero Point.

The principal distinction of Generation Zero Point is the astounding size of it. It is a process and an attitude that is worldwide, cross cultural and knows many languages and disciplines.

The results we will all begin to increasingly notice include clarity, truth, openness, transparency, sharing – principles of heartfelt living that exist in all life forms on the planet, actually.

In this moment, breathe. See yourself as the Self within the outer self. Consider responding to your world after reflection in the Self, rather than reacting on a visceral level via the outer self the way pre-Generation Zero Point programming has demanded. Consider joy and humility.

And consider being forgiving and being grateful. Forgive and forgive and forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgiveness is “for giving” after all – it’s in the name. And be grateful, thankful for what you have. Gratefulness is the light in your heart – let it shine.

And be gentle with yourself. Walking your own path in life is made only more cumbersome when you’re stopping all the time to kick yourself in the ass.

What you do, read, sing, eat or enjoy is not particularly important. Whatever the specifics, when the starting point is heart, humility, respect and centeredness, what happens next will be high minded and loving.

Generation Zero Point is the starting point of a world of clear and loving connection. We are alive, we care, we connect, we notice, we respond, we know everyone matters. We know all life matters.

We cannot wait to see Generation Wave One unfold.


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The Feeling of Home

Feeling At Home © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography


Before I moved to Germany Steffi and I corresponded quite a bit via email, chat and Skype calls. On one occasion she shared a photo taken with her cell phone.

The picture is the street near the flat here showing a few cars, a bicyclist, a couple of beautiful cherry trees in full blossom. A nice picture, fersure.

I looked at it and it looked very familiar. It felt very familiar. It felt like home. Not like some place I used to live, but rather home in a strange and deep metaphysical sense.

I stared and stared at this picture trying to figure out the feeling it gave me. Something there resonated with me in a really nice, heartfelt way.

Looking at it today I thought it could be the color of the trees and the construction and color of the building in the background that reminds me of my grandparent’s property and home in St. Elmo, Illinois from my childhood. I’m not quite sure.

It doesn’t feel quite the same now as it did four years ago when Steffi first sent it to me. It feels more like a memory of a memory – something kind of far removed from my current experience.

I can say though, in all sincerity and with a big hug going out to my American friends and family, I really do feel quite at home here in Hamburg.

I’m not sure why this is so. Hamburg is a big, busy harbor town – whatever that is. It’s about business mostly.

I’m not big into the “culture” of cities. When I hear “New York City is blah blah blah” or “Paris is this or that” or “You find the best this or that in Seattle” I notice these are things that don’t reach me.

I notice things on a more intangible level. Something that one can take for granted. A feeling of groundedness. Something familiar and settled.

In German I could use the word gemütlichkeit – which means coziness, friendliness. For me that’s a valid adjective in this case.

I certainly understand that many other folks would find coupling gemütlichkeit and Hamburg to be just plain crazy. I can only say that this is my experience. I especially noticed this on our recent WWWP5k walk. (Steffi wrote about this recently on our Herzensreise blog.)

Whatever brings home to our heart – a place, a song, a mountain, a river, a smell, a favorite dish – being there in that moment is a very nice feeling.

When I allow my attention to stay with that feeling, it feels good. It feels good and right to notice you are home.

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The Music of Ireland

Gorse Field © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

You could have an Ireland without the very foundation rock that is the isle itself.
You could have one without the azure sky and the sea that splashes against it on all sides.
You could have one without the trees, the gorse and the sheep,
but you couldn’t have one without the music.

It is possible to have it without the English, without the catholic church,
the sea weed, the rye, the roads and the strife,
but you could not have one without the music.

So bring me the sound of the isles, the soul of the people.
And bring me the embrace and the smile of the people, their kindness and joy.
And bring me a pint, and a hearth with fire and the sound of musical instruments old and new,
And bring me the music of Ireland, the voice of Ireland.
And I’ll know Ireland again, like I did before I was born.

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Your Sixth Sense

Steffi Rose © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved


The five senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste – are our wonderful connections to the third dimension. They are amazing. Even more amazing is the way they work in concert with each other to provide us with a perspective of who we are in our world.  Even more amazing is how the loss of one or more of the senses is compensated for by the others, like when someone loses their sight, they begin to notice sounds like never before. The senses are our software interface to the physical (hardware) world. Our physical self needs this information to interact with the physical world.

For me, the sixth sense is not being able to hear something others cannot (clairaudience), or see something others do not (clairvoyance) or smell or taste of feel something no one else does (clair-whatever) – no, for me the sixth sense is our connection to things in the form of an awakening, a realization of who we are. We are not physical – we are spirit. We are not a physical body, we’re just temporarily using one each day. At night, we remember ourselves without the body for a while. Then, as we return to the body, we begin again to experience ourselves as physical. We call that awake, which is amusing, because by any definition, it is definitely not awake.

Being awake is experiencing yourself as a being of love. And this can only be done by allowing one’s attention to be in the heart. How do you do that? You just did it! You read the words and you wondered what does that mean, what’s that like? And then you were there.

What was that moment like? Wonder? Fullness? Release? Connection? Curiosity? Free breathing? Calm? How does it feel without the questioning? Wonder. Fullness. Release. Connection. Curiosity. Free breathing. Calm. Or like this: I am wonder. I am fullness. I am release. I am connection. I am curiosity. I am free breathing. I am calm.

Our purpose on Earth is very simple – experience ourselves as physical beings while remembering we are not physical beings.

For me, music makes instant this feeling, and simplifies what seems complicated.

I love what the students of music call Western Art music. And for some reason, I most consistently find good connection with German Western Art music. So below I’ve posted a lovely version of “Wiegenlied”, D. 498, op. 98 No. 2 by Franz Schubert, here performed by Gundula Janowitz and Irwin Gage. Here are the words in German and English (the English translation is more literal than poetic).

When I heard this piece for the first time (an instrumental version) I was moved to tears. My wife, Steffi, heard it and came into the room. She sang the first verse to me and then explained that the rest of the words tell a story of a mother whose young child has died. The mother sings this song to him. (see – crying again ..).

The heart opens, and we know ourselves as pure love.

“Wiegenlied”, D. 498, op. 98 No. 2 by Franz Schubert

Sleep, sleep, dear, sweet boy,

Rocking gently under mother’s hand;

Softly, peacefully, gentle comforts

float with you in your swaddling clothes.


Sleep, sleep in the sweet grave,

still protected by your mother’s arms;

all desires, all possessions

she holds lovingly, glowing warm with love.


Sleep, sleep in the downy bosom,

the sounds of love still grow around you;

a lily, a rose,

after sleep they will reward you.




Schlafe, schlafe, holder süßer Knabe,

Leise wiegt dich deiner Mutter Hand;

Sanfte Ruhe, milde Labe

Bringt dir schwebend dieses Wiegenband.


Schlafe, schlafe in dem süßen Grabe,

Noch beschützt dich deiner Mutter Arm,

Alle Wünsche, alle Habe

Faßt sie liebend, alleliebe warm.


Schlafe, schlafe in der Flaumen Schoße,

Noch umtönt dich lauter Liebeston,

Eine Lilie, eine Rose,

Nach dem Schlafe werd’ sie dir zum Lohn.

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The Hand We Are Dealt

Clarinet pic © 2013 Stefanie Neumann

I have always been envious of musical talent in others.  In my early teens as I was trying to think my way into a career path, I found myself facing the fact that my own talents were merely moderate and my musical mind too blunt to allow for a successful career.  Encouragement from teachers or friends felt good.  I was not convinced.

I was torn between believing that only a great desire on my part could fuel a musical career – a desire I did not possess – or believing that only sufficient talent would open door after door and that process would always compel me to continue, all the while supporting my happiness and success.

I believed that those that I deemed successful had great talent and great opportunity.  These successful ones had great teachers, supportive family, friends, teachers and protégés.  I believed their life was happy because they enjoyed demonstrating their talents and abilities and found that they were always the standout, the best of the best – each opportunity to perform providing yet another triumph to feed their egos and their good fortunes.

Deciding that only hard work and practice could compensate for any shortfall in talent, I worked hard practicing the clarinets (all of them) and relished my experience as an ensemble player in various student groups (bands, clarinet choirs, wind ensembles, orchestras and pick up groups).

Still, all the while it felt like my star could not rise very far.  I struggled with the idea of what I considered the ideal – playing professionally in a top quality organization – and perhaps only being a very average student player who teaches children in public schools.  The latter did not feel important enough to me.  This depressed me.

Since that time, I have done more reading about the lives of some very talented, very famous musicians.  And I have done lots of homework metaphysically practicing with tools that help with the release of negative patterns and tools that support the allowance of self-love.  It has been a slow and sad wake up call.  It has felt like “Yeah, I know.  I knew that.”

A great talent coupled with a strong desire to share one’s gifts guarantees nothing.  The income, respect or fame that is experienced may be great or small or somewhere in between.

As this obvious fact slowly soaked in through my preconceived, egoistic belief system I have had to be stern with myself to learn one of the lessons in life that I believe I am here to learn: the life being lived that I perceive in others is what it is and it is not a demonstration of anything to do with

I believe now that ambition, something I possess in very a low quantity, is not a key ingredient to success.  Neither is desire, talent or luck.  It is really more of a personality trait.  It is neither good nor bad.

I have learned that what a life looks like from the outside is ultimately meaningless to the person living it.  Instead it is the feeling each person has in their heart as they live their life each day that is the true nature of our experience.

Being honest with ourselves, honoring ourselves and choosing a life path that resonates as fully as possible with our own personal truth is the foundation for finding joy.

I now know it is okay to believe that the experience of being in the world is very personal.  We cannot observe others’ behavior as a way to figure out how we should be.  We cannot covet what we believe to be an ideal life that another has.  Such observations of the overt are helpful as we navigate our way through the world (literally and figuratively) but they help not at all with allowing our heart’s desires to come through.

I breathe a deep breath of release.  The connection of heart and life is nothing to do with what we call talent.  It is nothing to do with money, friends, family or luck.  We are all equipped to function fully in living a life that awakens our personal truth, our personal connection to our life here on Earth.

What does that end up looking like one might ask?  Feel within yourself for that experience.  Love yourself.  Allow your heart to resonate and feel acceptance, clarity, happiness.  You had these feelings before you had a body and you can experience them with a body as well.  This is truly the hand you were dealt.  Your fullness and flawlessness has always been who you are.

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Attention Brings Clarity



Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom.  I like a clean bathroom – cleaning the bathroom I like less.  I notice that when I now go into the bathroom, it welcomes me with fresh, clean look and feel.  My arms and knees remind me this is not magic. My experience relishes it just the same.

I find that cleaning or organizing can be a good metaphor for putting our attention on something.  When something is not to our liking we notice a resistance to thinking about it.  Without pushing back on that resistance, we can choose to simply be with the experience of that resistance.

In this way we give it our attention, but not our energy.  When the energy is not there, the worry and judgment can not take hold and escalate the experience into a cloud of confused discomfort.

We can respond to our desire for clarity and cleanliness by gently honoring the fact that only those energies that we tangle with in the fog of reaction can come alive with the feelings of doubt, lack and low self esteem.  Are those energies sneaky?  Only if we allow it.

Remember that you are not the resistance or the feeling of “should” or “ought to”.   You are a spiritual being having a human experience.   Your experience in life is a choice.  Each moment is a new choice.

We can use everyday circumstances to gift ourselves the centered peacefulness that is available when we notice then respond, rather than react and then find ourselves out of balance.

The attention you put into using this tool, will bring clarity.  And peace.  And balance and poise.

We can choose to allow ourselves the experience of balance and poise, even in the face of a dirty bathroom.

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